2020-2022: An Integrated Physics-Based and Data-Driven Approach for Turbulent Mixing in Heterogeneous Porous Media, Fund by Royal Society.

2020-2021: Modelling Competitive Sorption of Reactive Solute in Soils, Bayer AG.

2021-2025: Trapping and Removal of X-ray Contrast Medium agents from water resource and stream Sediments- New Concepts in Trapping, Recycling and Management “REMEDI”, Funded by European Commission -H20202-MSCA_ITN(EID).

2020-2024: Removal and Mitigation of Pesticide Related Pollution: Prevention, Recycling and Resource Management “RECYCLE”, Funded by European Commission -H20202-MSCA-RISE.

2020-2024: From Mining Waste to Valuable Resource: New Concepts for a Circular Economy “MINRESCUE”, Funded by European Commission- H2020.   

2019-2029: EPSRC CDT in Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems “HETSYS”, funded by EPSRC.

2020-2024: Controls on Fracture Propagation across Sealing Faults in Petroleum Reservoirs “FRACODE”, Funded by PETRIVA Ltd.

2019-2020: Efficiency of Geopolymers for Ground Improvement “GEOPOLYMER”, Funded by Geobear Infrastructure Ltd.